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Stuart Dods

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Artist Bio

Stuart Dods was born in Hermanus on 3 July 1995 interested in art and drawing from a young age, He completed his Matric with a distinction in art as a subject and was signed by Rossouw Modern at the end of his matric year, Jozua seeing the artistic gift this young artist revealed. Stuart is an avid surfer and has won several surf competitions nationally, and in 2014, his first year out of school, started up a rock band, Retro Dizzy and worked on establishing a definitive style in art for him.

Provoked by local political instability and conscious as young man of the promises made by previous and current political leaders, the content of his work focused around Mandela, and the youth leader Julius Malema, both subjects an inexhaustible supply of imagery. With the guidance and support of the Rossouw Modern, he fast became a prolific and Stuarts’ style of painting embraces the pop movement, develop into a unique style within a graffiti art undercurrent. Ever popular himself, this is a well chosen medium, accentuating his perspective of the fast and prolific lives we live in the modern day.

For 2015 he will develop a series of iconic images of people through history that he finds inspirational or noticed.

.He will eagerly accept commissions, and even though his professional career is shirt, has already been taken into serious collections locally and abroad.


u/17 Boland surfing
 Top achiever in Art 2013 Matric
 Special mention at CTCA Young Creative Award and Exhibition 2013